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Our previous initiatives include:

1- Disorder Dialogues


We at YWP; believe in providing a safe space to individuals struggling with mental health issues to give expression to their distressing feelings and thoughts without judgment and stigma. As such our work so far has not only included giving people a platform to share their stories but also provide peer counselling in view of curbing growing cases of suicide and self-harm.

Our previous initiatives include:

Disorder Dialogues :

Another franchise event that had 4 editions. Appropriately named, this event included a dialogue of sorts between experienced researchers together with people living with mental disorders and more than 100 people who came to listen to both the technicalities and the experience of the disorders. The disorders covered were: OCD, Bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. The event also had professionals in attendance to tend to those who wanted to seek help after the event.

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