What Are Some Important Learnings From 2020 to Carry Forward In 2021?

02 January 2021 / By Social Media

COVID-19 has profoundly affected lives around the globe with isolation, contact restrictions, and economic shutdown imposing a complete change to the psychosocial environment of affected countries. It has created global health concerns and devastated the entire world
having a substantial negative impact on people’s mental health & physical health. This year has witnessed a lot of changes in terms of social dynamics, political dynamics, economic dynamics, relationship dynamics, etc., &  things won’t go back to complete normal anytime soon. But this year at home has come up with a lot of introspection, retrospection & realization, it has taught us a lot of things, all of us are learning life lessons and resetting our goals & priorities.

We all need to just hang on to these essential takeaways from life as we are on the verge to enter a brand-new year, we all are clueless and completely unaware of what new normal awaits us, but somewhere we all are optimistic, cheerful, hopeful & euphoric about 2021. So, let’s
remember our key takeaways from the year 2020 together and take a moment to realize how have been this year a rollercoaster journey that has given us some new ways to live our lives, do things that we could probably not do otherwise.

1. We need to slow down!
This year has definitely taught us to slow down, and that it’s okay to be a little slow in our lives amidst the rat race that everyone is running, take a sip of tea/coffee, grab a book & catch your breath, Pandemic has shown us that we were constantly under pressure to be productive, to compete and be good than our peers or ourselves and to never take a break, which obviously resulted in having a good quality of life but at the same time, we were burning out, getting tired and hiding our emotions. In essence, we have forgotten to live our lives. We definitely need to get it back and start living our best lives, so let’s slow down, and try to live one moment at one time and pay attention to the details, intricacy & depth of our feelings, emotions, and surroundings.

2. Mental Health is important!
Addressing mental health has become an integral part of everybody’s lives in this Pandemic, it’s not a taboo, it’s real and normal and it’s okay to feel vulnerable. The pandemic has taught everyone a lesson that mental health is as important as physical health and it’s definitely not a black hole, it’s real. Everyone has a lot on their plates, dealing with fear, uncertainty, coping with boredom, learning to cope up with new challenges, situations, and problems. Everyone is trying their best to struggle to keep up their sanity, to cope up and bring the best out of the worst. This is important learning which should not be carried forward only in 2021 but forever. It’s important to have regular mental-health checks and care, consult the mental health professionals and there shouldn’t be any shame.

3. High time to think about the Environment!
Climate change is real, one of the most beneficial outcomes of the Pandemic in the initial phase was to put a halt to humans’ movement, activities, factory & industrial production of any such sort. One of the greatest lessons that everyone received from this Pandemic is that the planet doesn’t need us, we need it, therefore, start respecting the land and the resources that it offers and be sustainable in your approach, use energy-efficient products, go organic, bring major change to our lifestyle, and do our bits to contribute to saving our Mother Earth. When there was a complete lockdown, there were reports about the cleanest air and all the records that it broke because of non-interference of vehicular pollution and factory pollution, and everyone admired the beautiful clouds, greenery, and calm scenes, therefore, it’s quite an important learning that should be carried forward forever.

4. Prioritising our relationships!
This year has given us a considerable chance to reconnect and initiate a conversation with our family, friends, and close ones, to take a moment and appreciate their presence in our lives. All of us have been through many ups and downs this year, and one of the greatest supports was our family and/or friends. This is essential learning as everyone has been so busy with their lives that nobody really gets a chance to understand and share things and life events with close ones and therefore, this year has given us that opportunity to reinforce our relationships and carry them with us for the rest of their lives.

5. Give it a shot!
We all have that one creative side of ours that we really didn’t explore due to societal pressures, expectations, or time crunch. But this year has been one of the most beautiful years in terms of coming across viewing others doing what they really like and love to do and they are
pretty good at it must say. Panting, baking, dancing, content curation, cooking, public speaking obviously digitally, reading books, gardening, sewing, etc. were some of the activities people engaged in for self-pleasure and in some cases as a career option, isn’t that great! This year has been like a bonanza for everyone to showcase their passions, talents, hobbies, etc., and that too without any fear of judgment. People have been supporting small businesses and the creative works of their close ones on social media platforms. So, this year has definitely taught us which should be with us in the coming years too that it is never too late to do and try things that we love and really feel emotional about, just give it a shot!

6. You don’t need to measure productivity by burning out!
This year has certainly changed the definition of productivity for all of us. It has taught us that we deserve to rest! Productivity is having a good sleep, being with friends and family, taking a break, doing things because you want to, not because you have to, doing things that make you happy, not the people around, listening to music, making love. You don’t have to measure productivity by burning yourself out, it’s okay if all you did today is to survive, identify your emotions, engage in self-care. This is important learning that needs to be acknowledged and

Hard times teach us innumerable things, that help us in coming out of it stronger, confident, and hopeful. This year has come with a lot of uncertain and unpredictable stuff that we really didn’t think in our wildest of dreams. This pandemic has made us question so many things and reminded us to get our priorities in order. So, overall, this year has been a rollercoaster journey for all of us, but remember how far we have come and we all are doing a lot more than we are giving ourselves credit for, so a huge appreciation to everyone you all are wonderful!


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