Terms and Conditions

YWP; Informed Consent Form

The people associated with You’re Wonderful Project;, hereinafter referred to as “YWP;” do not claim to have legally recognized qualifications or authority to be counselors or therapists. We act as mentors, guides, and friends to those who choose to contact us. Our services are offered in good faith and any advice or instruction provided in any interaction should not be considered and construed as a substitute for counselling, therapy or medical advice. It is always better to take the help of doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or counselling psychologists, based on your need but we are here if you need someone to hear you out, or help you connect with a professional; we can act as your bridge in that case. YWP; does not guarantee the resolution of personal problems (either expressed or implied) and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of a client’s use of YWP;’s services. Under no circumstances shall anything said/any advice given, be construed as an indication to stop the consumption of any prescribed medications without speaking to the individual’s physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, mental health provider or other healthcare professional.

In no event shall You’re wonderful Project; or its members be liable to any person(s) for loss or damage of  any kind, even if advised of the possibility of such damages, which may occur as a result of the counselling services.

In reference to the services offered by the Help Team; the individual availing the services provided by the organisation shall be assumed to have understood, agreed and accepted the following:

  • Informed Consent: The person has voluntarily agreed to avail the service(s) and understands the nature of the service(s).
  • Information being provided to us is true and correct.
  • Confidentiality: All information provided to us will be safeguarded. However, this information may be disclosed in the following circumstances:

(a) Where there arises a legal obligation; and

(b) If there is an immediate and specific risk of harm to any individual that can only be averted by such a disclosure.

In reference to the content, designs, social media promotions done by the organization; all the content, designs, promotions, trademarks, illustrations, photos, graphics, files, arrangements etc. produced by any individual in the organization, whether permanent, temporary or on an ad-hoc basis, shall be the sole property of the organisation. Only the organisation or the members thereof shall have the right to make use of the same, during the normal course of business. Neither the site nor any of its contents may be modified or copied in whole or part in any form, including by framing, incorporation into other websites or other publications, or be used to create any derivative work.

Please note that You’re Wonderful Project; requires all people to read the above Disclaimer, and will draw the attention of all individuals contacting us to this piece of information prior to any services being provided. The individual shall accept full responsibility for the consequences of their use, or non-use, of any information provided by us, and the individual shall agree to use their own judgment and due diligence before implementing any idea, suggestion or recommendation to their life, family or business. The person’s willingness to participate in any interaction with YWP;’s Help Team will be taken by the peer counselor/s to mean that they have read, understood, and accepted each and every clause of the above Disclaimer.