Precaution, Not Panic – Combating Coronavirus Anxiety

15 March 2020 / By Social Media

As coronavirus cases surge in India, fear has creeped into our minds.After all it’s a global health concern.
However, excessive worry only leads to more illness. Here are a few tips that will help keep your anxiety at bay-

1. Preventing Not Avoiding

Take precautions like Washing hands, using sanitizers, limiting contact with sick people.

Do NOT inflate the severity of the disease to the extent of isolating yourself at home and refusing to eat, drink or touch foreign objects will only cause more panic. 

Stay at home only if you’re feeling sick and practice healthy habits by eating nutritious food, remaining active and having good sleep hygiene.  


2. Refrain from overconsumption of media

 It’s best that you avoid speculation and limit the use of social media. 

Only check reputable sources such as W.H.O. to get latest updates and realistic information.    


3. Acnowledge and Work Through

First step to reduce panic is acknowledging that you’re in distress. It’s okay to feel scared and confused, everyone does. 

Work through your anxiety by trying to pen down the thoughts

This way you can stop the negative thought-loop and stay positive. 


4. Stay Connected

Keep in touch with your friends and family members and make it a point to check in with your loved ones who are either sick or living alone. 

Don’t assume that a specific person or race is responsible for the outbreak and be accepting and sensitive to them. 

Think about the people who are suffering and express gratitude for being healthy and safe. 


5. Seek Help if you need!

If you are vulnerable to anxiety, or have faced past trauma, and this is causing you stress, SEEK HELP!

Work with your therapist to find your trigger points and use your past coping skills like mindfulness-meditation

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