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In the past few years, You’re Wonderful Project; has come through a long journey of learning, to be where we are today. Our work on mental health has seen much success in terms of large-scale campaigns, awareness drives, engaging events and making mental health facilities more accessible.

Our dedicated team of volunteers work day and night to talk to those in need. Our research team is conducting original research to advance the study of mental health, and help better the work that we do. Several members come together to create the beautiful informative posts that you find on our social media channels. As part of on-ground action, in the last month itself, we were able to reach out to more than 6000 students as part of our pilot for the SPEAK campaign, which aims towards mental health literacy in school students.

However, we’ve just scratched the surface. India is known to be the sixth most depressed country in the world, and one in four people are known to be affected by mental health issues in the world today. It could be someone you know, someone you go to work with, someone you attend classes with, someone in your family. We cannot do this alone, and will need your help in enabling and empowering us in order to build a happier future for all.

Please pledge to donate a small amount of your savings every month to help us further the cause of mental health. A small contribution from you could potentially save lives.

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