Minority Community Contributing Equally In a Fight Against Covid-19

27 July 2020 / By Social Media

It is well known that the nature and the scale of this pandemic have created a huge crisis not only in our society but also, all around the world. During such times, major groups and minorities have come together to help our society stand along with the government by providing resources required to fight this global pandemic.

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, recently stated: “minority communities are contributing equally in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic along with others in the society.” According to Naqvi, more than 1500 Health Care Assistants, who have been trained under the skill development programme of Minority Affairs Ministry, are assisting in the treatment and well-being of Corona patients. This includes 50% of the females helping in the treatment of Corona patients in various hospitals and health care centres across the country. And this year, more than 2000 other Health Care Assistants will be trained by the Minority Affairs Ministry. The Ministry is providing one-year training to Health Care Assistants through various health organisations and reputed hospitals of the country. Naqvi also stated that different waqf boards across the country have contributed Rs 51 crore in PM and CM relief funds for Corona pandemic with the support of various religious, social, and educational organisations. Along with that, these waqf boards are also distributing food and other essential commodities among the needy.

Along with that, “16 Haj Houses across the country have been given to state governments for quarantine and isolation facilities for Corona patients and various state governments are using these facilities at these Haj Houses according to their needs” he announced. He also stated that face masks have been prepared on large scale under ‘Seekho Aur Kamao’ skill development programme of the Minority Affairs Ministry, these masks are being distributed among the needy. Along with that the Union Minister also informed that Aligarh Muslim University has contributed Rs 1.40 crore in “PM-CARES” fund. AMU Medical College has also arranged 100 beds for treatment of Corona patients. AMU has also arranged Corona tests, more than 9000 tests have been done till now. He further added that quarantine and isolation facilities were arranged at Khwaja Model School and Kayad Vishramsthali at Ajmer Sharif Dargah for Corona affected people. More than 4500 Jayarin belonging to all religions from across the country were provided food, accommodation and health facilities during the lockdown. These facilities were arranged by Dargah Committee, Dargah Khadims and Sajjada-nashin. The Dargah Committee and its other associated organisations provided facilities worth about Rs 1 crore which also included arrangements to send the people back to their states.

Due to the participation of these majority and minority groups, accommodation and healthcare required for Covid-19 patients have significantly improved due to the facilities made available to them. More patients have now been accommodated in these facilities.

Shri Naqvi said that all people of the country are working united and strong to defeat the challenge of Corona pandemic on the appeal of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The people belonging to Minority communities are equally contributing to this fight along with all the people of the society. Hence, it becomes crucial that we take such news into consideration and look into our efforts towards equality and respect for people from all communities and ensure that we unite in times like this on a level of humanity, as opposed to dividing.


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