20 June 2019 / By You're Wonderful Project

The World Happiness report released by the United Nations annually since 2012 and measured 156 countries in terms of happiness by economic and social factors and ranks them accordingly. India’s ranking in the index is constantly declining each year, making it one of the saddest countries in the world. India has dropped down seven rankings in 2019 as compared to 2018. India currently holds 140th position as per the World Happiness report. The neighboring countries of India are way ahead in the ranking of the happiness index. India is the most unhappy among all the SAARC nations; in fact, the terror-stricken neighbor, Pakistan also enjoys a higher ranking of 75 on the list. The index determines the happiness level of a country on various factors, that include life expectancy, social support, income, freedom to make choices, trust, health, and generosity among others. It ranks countries based on how happy the citizens of the country perceived themselves to be. Despite being one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the most powerful SAARC nation, India lags behind. The lower ranking exposes a deep-seated flaw in the social foundation. India has failed to build a trustworthy social support system. The country that ranks highest in the list are Norway, Finland, Denmark. These although lack vast natural resources but are the beneficiaries of the least corrupt social welfare system. “The data offers the world’s governments and individuals the opportunity to rethink public policies and individual life choices, to raise happiness and well being”, said Jeffrey Sachs, director of the sustainable development solutions network. “We are in an era of rising tensions and negative emotions and these findings point to underlying challenges that need to be addressed” Sajan (2018). In conclusion, the fragile and corrupt social structure of the country and poor social support system not only affects the community of citizens at large but also has an impact on each individual’s life and their mental health in some way or another. This index brings to our notice the need to further the mental health of our country, especially now more than ever.


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