How Kindness creates a sense of belonging and is an antidote to isolation?

24 February 2021 / By Social Media

‘Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy’
- Thomas Merton

The Coronavirus outbreak has shown all of us quite a lot in terms of uncertainty, it has made our lives upside down, for some people it has been a complete nightmare due to belonging to marginalized communities or underserved population. One thing that it has shown and taught to all of us is to be kind to each other. Kindness is fundamental to human existence and especially in times of such an adverse situation, it becomes really important to be compassionate, empathetic, helpful, and kind to people surrounding you. When people are living in total isolation due to the Pandemic, it takes a toll mentally as well as physically, therefore, being kind creates a sense of belonging, a sense of community and hence acts as an antidote to the isolation that people are experiencing right now.

So, all of us have been witnesses to small acts of kindness that prevailed during Quarantine, People were coming to their balconies to sing together, helping migrant workers and people in need by installing food camps, helping neighbours who have been tested positive by bringing groceries, keeping in touch with their friends through video calls, so many content creators sharing beautiful content on social media platforms to bring happiness to the human fraternity and also feeding pets in the locality. These small acts of kindness have definitely portrayed one thing that when we are compassionate, we are recognizing our shared human condition, a sense of belonging, and a sense of community, therefore, compassion can guide us to acts of kindness. Therefore, the year 2020 has shown us that amid fear and chaos, there is support, community, optimism, kindness, compassion, and hope that can sail us through testing times smoothly.

The research shows that kindness is an antidote to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. It helps reduce stress, brings a fresh perspective, and deepens friendships. Kindness to ourselves can prevent shame from corroding our sense of identity and help boost our self-esteem. Kindness can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism. Therefore, we all should make a society full of kindness for shared wellbeing, who knows what someone is going through in their life and a small act of kindness can bring warmth, peace, and hope in their life! So here are some of the ways one can get involved with small acts of kindness,
● Send an interesting article/ meme/ song to a friend!
● Give praise to someone that can make their day!
● Appreciate the presence of someone who is special in your life!
● Offer support to someone who is in need be it, elders/siblings/neighbours/ family!
● Reach out to call a friend, family member, or neighbour who is experiencing loneliness or self-isolation!
● Just listen to someone, sometimes it is all that is needed and can make someone feel really nice!
● Donate to a charity for a cause you stand for, you feel is important to make society egalitarian!
● Call a friend or a family member that you haven’t talked to for a while!
● Make a plan for lunch, virtual movie plan to spend some quality time with your friend who is feeling low!
● Feed animals around you, they are the most innocent creatures on this earth!

So, in totality through various researches, it’s crystal clear that being kind to each other is beneficial both for us and the society, to bring a transformative change to the society holistically a little compassion and kindness is needed. Kindness acts as an antidote to isolating by making a supportive cocoon that makes everyone a little happier, chirpier, optimistic, and delighted.

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