Dear Church, Mental Health is Not a Problem!!

14 June 2019 / By You're Wonderful Project

‘‘Pray about it. Have faith in it.” - is a common saying that the church leaders say to their followers. Prayers can change lives, heal relationships, solve problems, but they are only one side of the coin. Despite the fact that pastors are often the first responders that people turn to when they face a crisis, talking openly about mental illness still is a struggle within the Christian community. Mental illness is considered to be a result of a sin, curse, or demon possession. This stigmatizes, isolates and brings shame to those who are struggling with mental illness. As a result, people have learnt to deal with mental health issues privately not telling anyone at Church about what they are going through due to the fear of being stigmatized, condemned, misconstrued, or even rejected.Recently, Carlos A. Rodríguez a pastor raised his voice against the church’s attitude towards mental health. He addressed this issue, by sharing his own journey of how he battled with his depression with the help of professional care which is considered to be ‘anti-christian.’Therapy helped him to manage his anger, improve his moods and take ownership of his own situations. It also helped him change his behavior as a husband and improve his relationship with his wife. Religion often wants to control our mindset and how people heal. And yes, spiritual maturity is important to fix broken hearts and change scenarios. But it is also important to seek professional help for long term well-being. Hence, it is crucial that we understand that there needs to be a balance that religion has to strike with professional help when it comes to mental health and healing. References

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