Child being bullied
Bullying in Schools: An Overview

Bullying can be defined as a form of aggression that involves a systematic and repeated abuse of power with the intention of harming the receiver or victim. Bullying crosses the...

10 11 2019 / Posted by Social Media
Acid Attack Survivor
Survivors—Today’s Transformative Forces

Survivors are transformative forces in the society. They are powerful leaders, who inspire those who succumb to defeat in life. For such people, the tragedies become a springboard - to...

26 09 2019 / Posted by You're Wonderful Project

The World Happiness report released by the United Nations annually since 2012 and measured 156 countries in terms of happiness by economic and social factors and ranks them accordingly. India’s...

20 06 2019 / Posted by You're Wonderful Project
Dear Church, Mental Health is Not a Problem!!

‘‘Pray about it. Have faith in it.” - is a common saying that the church leaders say to their followers. Prayers can change lives, heal relationships, solve problems, but they...

14 06 2019 / Posted by You're Wonderful Project
Relationship Trauma

We all may have heard about the term “PTSD”…and may or may not know what it signifies! It is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced...

13 06 2019 / Posted by You're Wonderful Project