A Young Employee Committed Suicide after Continuous Workplace Harassment!

10 November 2019 / By Social Media

A 33-year old employee of Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) committed suicide over harassment by top officials and other colleagues. The woman hung herself in the bedroom at her house in Hyderabad. She was originally from Bhopal and posted in Hyderabad where she was living with her husband.

The woman accused the Deputy General Manager (DGM) and six other colleagues in her suicide note, blaming them for mentally harassing her and forcing her to resort to the extreme step. She had also said that her mobile phone was hacked and all her calls were tapped by them and they were spying on her.

The woman also alleged that she had experiences of sexual harassment in her previous office while she was working at Bhopal. Her colleagues harassed her with vulgar comments and mentally tormented her.

The police have registered a case against seven alleged officials for the abetment of suicide. Her cousin, Sanjay Chowksey demanded a CBI investigation. “My sister’s life was made horrible by those five women in Bhopal” he added (Singh, 2019). The victim’s brother further revealed a series of events where her sister was harassed at her workplace.

She had even filed a written complaint against the harassment by her colleagues to the BHEL management in Bhopal but no action was taken by the authorities. Later she was transferred to the BHEL office in Hyderabad but the harassment didn’t end.

The victim had approached the police station regarding her phone tapping issue. She felt her movements were being observed closely by her colleagues but the police directed her to the cybercrime department and not much seriousness had been given to the issue.

Such grievous matters should never be ignored by the authorities and immediate actions are required for such complaints. We need to ensure a healthy work environment that boosts our mental health instead of making it a place that destroys our mental health.


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