Tips for Handling Children during Lockdown

18 May 2020 / By R&D


Coronavirus and the resulting state of lockdown has brought our lives to a standstill in many ways, leaving little breathing space for us. The state of house arrest that we find ourselves in today is restraining both physically and mentally not only for us but for our spouses and children too. A reduced sense of personal space is likely to make us and our children act in more irritable ways.

Here are few tips by Ms. Gagandeep Kaur of Unique Psychological Services (UPS) that will help you to handle your children and their temper tantrums in a more calm and effective way.

Tip 1: Be empathetic

Compared to adults, children have a greater amount of energy and hence have a greater need to run, play, jump and move around. They are not likely to sit still for a long period of time. Next time when you are about to raise your voice, remember that they probably are feeling more restrained than you.

Tip 2: Be patient

Try to be calm and relaxed as much as you can. There are high chances that your kids are equally anxious as you. They hear so many different things all around them and they are likely to be more anxious as a lot that they hear is likely to make less sense to them.

Tip 3: Be communicative

Try and talk out your feelings of despair and irritability. Share them with your family members and your kids too in very simple ways. But remember to in-still a sense of hope and faith in good times. Reinstate the belief that nothing lasts for long and this too shall pass away. Try and make more plans with your children about what you are going to do once the situation of lockdown is over. Talk about he places you like to visit, the food that you like to eat.

Tip 4: Be accommodating

Involve your children in your daily chores. Set up a routine with them, engage in some fun filled activities so that they get accommodated in your daily routine and they seem less of a hassle to you.

Tip 5: Take frequent breaks

In the present scenario, you find yourself surrounded 24/7 with your family members and children in the same house or lockdown which can be quite overwhelming for some people. Therefore, it is essential that we take frequent short breaks. Try and zone out and engage in solitude which is sure to help you revive yourself.

Ms. Kaur emphasizes that in these tough times, we need to remember that a family that lives together, stays together, laughs, cries and eats together tends to sail through tough times better.




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